Exposed To Toxic Mold?

What Happens if Your Mold Case is Declined? | The Mold Firm

I’m Carson Jeffries, one of the founding partners of the Mold Firm. I want to address some of the alternative resources or solutions you can pursue if Mold Firm is…

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The Mold Firm and Google searches for “Mold Firm”

The Mold Firm, also known as Carter Jeffries LLC, is a law firm whose attorneys have years of experience representing persons in their mold-related claims. Google searches for “Mold Firm”…

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How long does our intake process take?

Hello, I am David Carter, one of the attorneys here at the Mold Firm. Together, our attorneys have over 20 years experience providing legal representation for homeowners and tenants with…

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If You Are Homeowner And Suspect You Have A Mold Problem, What Should You Do?

Document and photograph the mold and any potential sources of excess moisture causing the mold, such as a roof leak; Notify your homeowner’s insurance of the mold. If you have…

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Are You Entitled to Compensation for Injuries or Damages from Toxic Mold?

If someone else's negligence has caused you and your loved ones injury from toxic mold, then you may be entitled to compensation for those injuries or damages. If you live…

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Living in a Mold Infested Space?

A home should be a place of sanctuary, but when living in a mold-infested space, it can feel more like a prison. Relocating can be costly. A licensed and competent…

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