Have You Experienced a Financial Loss Because of Exposure to Toxic Mold?

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I’m Carson Jeffries, one of the founding partners of the Mold Firm. I want to address some of the alternative resources or solutions you can pursue if the Mold Firm is unable to assist you in your mold or water loss case.

I want to start by apologizing if Mold Firm had to decline your mold case or is unable to assist you. There are a number of reasons why this might be the case.

First, as you probably noticed, there are not nearly as many billboards or websites advertising for mold lawyers as there are for car accident victims! The primary reason for this is because mold cases are generally much more complicated, lengthy and expensive than car accident cases. We like to say that it’s not what we know, but what we can prove. And due to the complexity and high evidentiary requirements of mold cases, we are unable to assist many otherwise deserving families and potential clients.

Second, due to the scarce number of mold firms and high volume of families in need of legal representation, our attorneys and staff are very busy assisting existing clients. Our intake to engagement process can often take two to four weeks or even longer in some circumstances. This means we may not be able to take your case because of impending deadlines that we do not have the capacity to meet, such as an upcoming eviction hearing.

Finally, we may have had to decline your case because we cannot offer the type of assistance that you require. We are a for-profit law firm that seeks compensation on behalf of our clients for injuries they have sustained as a result of mold exposure caused by their landlord’s negligence. There are two things you should keep in mind about this process:

  1. That once we initiate a demand or lawsuit, it almost always results in our clients having to relocate to a new apartment, either because the landlord responds with an eviction or because remaining in an apartment alleged to be uninhabitable would undermine our client’s case and
  2. The process from initiating a lawsuit demand or case to actually resolving that case and getting compensation frequently takes many months and can even take a year or more. And we cannot guarantee that every case will be a winner!

So, if you are a client whose primary interest is rental assistance, or needs help relocating to a new apartment, has an immediate emergency, needs an attorney to defend an immediate eviction, or needs someone to compel their landlord to fix the rental residence before a mold problem develops, you should know that we cannot offer you assistance with these matters.

Our website, resources page does provide information and alternative solutions to these problems as follows:

  1. If you are a tenant not looking to move, but concerned about your landlord’s failure to repair a roof leak, HVAC system, or some other defect in your rental property, then we strongly recommend that you contact your local code enforcement office. For more information, please visit our website resources page to learn more about contacting code enforcement.
  1. If you are a tenant looking for rental assistance or help relocating to a new apartment or rental property, then we strongly recommend that you contact a housing assistance program. For more information, please visit our website resources page to learn more about housing assistance programs.
  1. If you are facing an immediate eviction, suit from your landlord, are not looking for damages but just looking to get out of your lease because your apartment or rental residence is unsafe for habitation, or otherwise require immediate legal assistance, then we strongly recommend that you contact a pro bono or legal aid attorney or program for assistance. For more information, please visit our website resources page to learn more about pro bono and legal aid programs.
  1. If you have an immediate emergency or are in imminent danger of bodily harm, we recommend that you contact 911.

Whatever you do, I recommend that you act quickly to seek an alternative solution and not wait to see if the Mold Firm will change its mind.



They are the best toxic mold firm in Atlanta. They were professional, responsive, and got me a big settlement!

– Kelly Carter