Are you a Homeowner who experienced a financial loss because of construction defects?

What If Your Mold Problem is Coming from a Common Area Problem?

If you watched our prior video, you know that homeowners are generally responsible for maintaining their own homes. However, if you live in a condominium or where there's a homeowner’s…

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What Should You Do If Your Home Has a Mold Problem?

If you are a homeowner and suspect that your home has a mold problem, let's discuss what you should do. First, document and photograph the mold as well as any…

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What Can Cause New Mold Problems?

As a homeowner, we know that you take great pride in maintaining your home. But, when you hire somebody to come onto your property and build on your home, that…

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What Should You Do If You Suspect That Your Home Has a Mold Problem?

I'd like to discuss with you now what to do if you're a tenant living in a rental apartment or house and you suspect that the house has a mold…

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What Should You Do If You Find Mold in Your Home?

I always tell my clients that the most important thing is their health. So if you find mold in your home and you feel that you're having respiratory distress or…

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Should You Get a Mold Report?

 You’ll read or hear a lot about black mold or toxic mold on the internet, from your friends, or in the news. But did you know that there are…

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