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What Should You Do If You Suspect That Your Home Has a Mold Problem?

What Should You Do If You Find Mold in Your Home?

At all times, you should keep a record of the costs associated with the mold, including the cost of doctor’s visits, prescriptions, sick time, the cost of any property that is damaged, and any expenses that you have incurred in obtaining alternative living arrangements. If you can prove that the costs were the result of the negligent party’s refusal to address the mold problem, they can be recouped from the negligent party through legal means. Once again, a mold inspection specialist can help you estimate the extent of the mold damage to clothing and furniture and help to estimate the cost to remediate the property.

If you find that you are having adverse health consequences, you should immediately try to relocate or replace the contaminated product, if possible. After removing yourself from the toxic environment, you should begin to feel better, which is the most important thing. Remember, though, that you should contact a mold inspection expert before trying to remove your furniture, clothing, and other belongings from the contaminated premises, because microbial cross-contamination can occur when moving potentially contaminated belongings into a new space. A mold inspector or licensed remediation expert can advise you on how to properly store and disinfect your belongings before moving them into your new or alternate residence.

Obviously, doctor visits, mold inspectors, remediation companies, and movers cost money. Unfortunately, recouping your losses due to a mold problem can be a hard thing to do on your own. If a landlord wasn’t willing to spend the money to clean the mold, then they are probably not inclined to be sympathetic to your losses. At that time, you should consider a lawyer.  If you think your losses are serious enough to warrant a legal response, feel free to contact us and we’ll explain how the process works.

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