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What Is a Mold Report?

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What Is a Mold Report?

Many of our clients ask us what a mold report is and why we always ask for it. When you go to your day-to-day life you’re surrounded by mold spores everywhere you go.

Inside your home. Outside your home. Inside your office. Outside your office. Mold spores are everywhere. Some mold is toxic. Some is not. The only way to tell if you have been exposed to toxic mold is to get a mold report done.

A specialist will come to your home. They’ll sample your carpet, other surfaces in your home, your clothing and then go and run tests. Those tests will determine whether you have toxic molds spores in your living quarters and they will tell us if the percentage of mold spores is higher inside your home, than outside. That is how we determine that your exposure to toxic mold is what is causing your symptoms and your property damage.

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