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How long does our intake process take?

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How long does our intake process take?

Hello, I am David Carter, one of the attorneys here at the Mold Firm.

Together, our attorneys have over 20 years experience providing legal representation for homeowners and tenants with mold, flood and failure to repair claims.

On behalf of our Mold Firm team, I wanted to start by thanking you and your family for reaching out to us about your potential claims. But before you spend another minute on our intake process, I wanted to explain exactly who we are and what we do. I promise you, these few minutes will be worth it to you.

So, who are we?

The Mold Firm is a law firm that helps people suffering from mold exposure seek financial compensation for damages caused by someone else’s failure to maintain their residence. We are not a government agency or a non-profit company.

For example, we might seek reimbursement for hotel bills you and your family incurred for safe, alternative accommodations because the mold in your apartment made it unsafe to stay there.

In some cases, we may seek reimbursement for expenses you paid to have your mold-exposed personal property, clothing or furniture remediated or decontaminated.

The Mold Firm does not handle evictions or assist with rental assistance or relocation services. If you need assistance with any of these items, then we strongly encourage you to review our website’s resources for non-profit legal groups, code enforcement, environmental inspectors, or rental assistance programs.

How long does our intake process take?

You may have noticed that there are not nearly as many billboards or websites advertising for mold lawyers as there are for car accident victims! This is because mold cases are more complicated and lengthy than most personal injury cases. No lawyer, including us, can guarantee a successful outcome for a lawsuit. But even if your case is successful, it may take many months to reach a resolution in a mold case.

We receive and evaluate dozens of potential client inquiries per week. Because mold cases are complex, it takes a few days to evaluate your intake information and schedule an appointment with an attorney. Our engagement process generally takes from two to four weeks to signing of the engagement agreement.

Given the urgency of your housing and mold situation, I certainly understand why you may want to call our office seeking an immediate attorney appointment and an exception to our intake processes. Please understand that Mold Firm represents and receives inquiries from people and families facing homelessness or immediate eviction, living in their cars, sleeping on friends’ couches, and even sleeping on sewage-drenched floors. We review every case as quickly as we can, in the order it is received.  Your prompt cooperation with our intake processes is the best way to reduce your timeline to an attorney evaluation and meeting concerning your case.

Now, if you are ready to get started, please complete the intake form on the “Contact” page.

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